Proactive Onsite Management

What is proactive management? More importantly why should it be one of the most important things to think about before you decide on your property manager?

Proactive management means we see the issues before they become a bigger, income threatening problem and it is one of the reasons we have so many happy

How do we do it?

We visit the site often! It gives us a feel for the property and the way the tenant is interacting with it. Recently we dropped by a property and noticed the tenant had very little stock and their staff levels had dropped, yet the lease still had over 9 months left to run. We acted quickly to ensure the property owner’s rent was fully paid and because we had more time we were able to secure another tenant quickly.

Site visits also help us build a positive relationship with the tenant. This relationship increases tenancy stability and ensures the property income remains uninterrupted.

Sometimes a property needs maintenance work and acting quickly can ensure the replacement / repair costs are minimised. Before the recent storms we were up on rooves of properties ensuring the building was ready for the weather. While one tenant said, “I haven’t seen that before”, our clients are used to us going the extra mile.

Finally we report often and we let our clients know immediately if there are any concerns. Proactive management is the only way we would want our property managed!

Would you want anything different?